A Place Where Writers Come for Information and Inspiration!!!


Yvonne J. Medley, Founder

Mission Statement

The Life Journeys Writers Club—A Place Where Writers Come for Information and Inspiration!

The LJWC embraces, nurtures and recognizes its members as passionate readers and writers, and empowerment seekers through the literary arts—the written word rendered in all mediums.

The LJWC is an ever-growing diverse group of writers, eclectic in genre, professional backgrounds and experience. It welcomes professionals and amateurs, alike. It encourages, informs and promotes writers with the purpose of propelling their literary passions to the next desired levels of success. It also seeks to serve as an all-inclusive economic bridge to research, resource, literary opportunity as well as a vehicle to self-improvement throughout the community.

Its members shall always abide by a civil code of honor, behavior and encouragement. Critiques and written material, while always creative, many times edgy, and honest, must neither be cruel nor overtly offensive. The LJWC reserves the right to reconsider and/or revoke membership if that code is violated.


                                                                           1282 Smallwood Dr., W.
                                                                Suite # 107
                                                           Waldorf, MD 20603